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this blog is all about MTV's The Challenge: Free Agents.

MTV Challenge. ask me anything about the challenges, I will be happy to answer
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"hiya!! do you know where I can watch ep. 3, etc. (the eps that are not yet available on the mtv site)??? I'm dying to catch up but can't find a streaming site that has them :/"

YouTube usually has most of the episodes, and so does

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"Do you like The Duel or Fresh Meat better"

The Duel

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The Challenge: Free Agents has begun

The Challenge: Free Agents has begun


"What type of challenge do you think they'll do next if you had to guess?"

I’m hoping for another duel

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"Is there any reason why the reunion is live this year? Any guesses?"

I’m not completely sure, if I were to guess maybe MTV thought there would be more to watch

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"If your blog was a pretty single woman I would be asking for your permission to marry her. <3"


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"I miss Derrick he was my absolute favorite, but his last challenge was Cutthroat :("

I miss him too!

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"Do you think Kenny and Evan will come back?"

I really hope so!

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"Who do you want to win this season?"

Johnny and Frank

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"Are you gonna be updating this blog every season? Like, was it Battle of the Season last year? & Battle of the exes before that?"


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